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Kedamono Arashi: Hug Me Baby!

Kedamono Arashi: Hug Me Baby!

romanceslice of lifesupernatural

In this world, there are humans without beast ears and humans with beast ears, called Bestia. Dr. Akira Miyaji specializes in treating Bestian patients at the general hospital and is a Bestia himself. At first, he despises the hospital's hottie manager--ahem, I mean... haughty manager, Sougo Kijima, for being the embodiment of the very Bestia instincts that Akira tries to suppress. But when The Doctor realizes that both he and Sougo may be victims of similar circumstances, his impressions shift. Now, they are living their happily-ever-after welcoming a baby into their new life together. But with both parents of a toddler working in the highly demanding medical field, they must figure something out if they want to make it out in one piece! And to top it all off, Sougo and Akira will have to face their biggest hurdle yet: Sougo's Bestia father.

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