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Goodbye to Destiny

Goodbye to Destiny

drama · romance

“To hell with being an Omega,” curses Mitsuya, as he looks for yet another one-night stand. He’s an Omega whose heats come with no rhythm or reason. One night, he finds himself stuck in a dark alleyway in the middle of a heat, only to be rescued by Eiji Tousaka, an Alpha. It turns out that Eiji exudes a type of pheromone that Mitsuya has never experienced before -- and can’t resist. Mitsuya sneakily tries to seduce Eiji… but it turns out that Eiji is immune to his pheromones?! “Surely, you can still pick up on the fact that I’m making a move on you?” he muses, knowing that they’ll go back to being strangers the next day… or so he planned. This is the story of two lovers brought together by fate: a younger alpha who’s never fallen in love, and an older omega who’s scared of it.

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