Tensei Shita kedo, Ouji (Konyakusha) wa Akirameyou to Omou

Tensei Shita kedo, Ouji (Konyakusha) wa Akirameyou to Omou


The Prime Minister of Noin Kingdom, Duke Zariel has a single daughter. She was a beauty who possessed silver hair and eyes as clear as amethyst, Christina. Her fiancé from her childhood friend who was the First Prince of Noin Kingdom, Alberto. Having fallen in love at once after they were engaged, she overbearingly demonstrated her love, but before anyone noticed she exhausted his civility, and without even meeting her on her fifteenth birthday, only the present arrived. When she saw the gifted hair ornament, she suddenly realized. This different world was from a dating simulation game she played, and she wore the role of the love rival. And now where she was at this point of time, she was in the middle of the route where her beloved Prince was stolen away by the dating simulation game’s protagonist, Clara. The intersection of jealousy and pride leads to agony, a heartrendingly naive romance between a love stricken maiden and a young man.

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