Aku no Taizai: Nemesis no Juukou

Aku no Taizai: Nemesis no Juukou


"Hey father, look at me." The world is Psychiatrist Levia Barisol is visited by a peculiar individual bringing along a woman called Nemesis Sudou, who is in a unresponsive, dazed state. In order to learn about Nemesis' past, Levia utilizes her specialty, the "Swap" technique, to relive her memories and past experiences... Based on the song of the same name released by mothy on Nico Nico Douga in August 8, 2014, representing the Sin of Wrath in mothy's "Seven Deadly Sins" series of songs, it told the story of the assassin Nemesis Sudou as she points the muzzle of her gun to USE Dark Star Bureau Director Gallerian Marlon, the man who was the corrupted "Master of the Court", the "Collector" of Vessels of Deadly Sins, boss of the armed organization PN... And also her own father. Before pulling the trigger, Nemesis offers Gallerian a last chance of atoning for his sins.

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