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Pink Heart Jam

Pink Heart Jam


Hailing from the countryside, Yuuki Haiga, an endearing and approachable freshman, quickly adapts to university life, easily making friends and winning the favor of girls. But senior Ryou Hanae is the only person that manages to leave Haiga awestruck: with his glorious long hair, stunning features, and incredible musical talent, Hanae finds a lasting spot in Haiga's mind. When Haiga loses a bet against his friends, he finds himself at a box spaβ€”a secluded place that offers intimate same-sex services. Fostering lingering doubts about being bisexual, Haiga sees this as an opportunity to come to a definitive answer. However, in his nervous state, Haiga is unaware that he bought time with none other than his beautiful senior, Hanae. All Haiga asks for is an honest conversation about sexual identity, but Hanae insists on a more hands-on approach. Unable to stay away, Haiga continues returning for more, but he must determine if his feelings are genuine love or merely admiration.

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