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Kasenshiki RomiJuri Kousou Kyoku

Kasenshiki RomiJuri Kousou Kyoku


Juri, a 2nd-year at Inugashira High, has a daily routine: to feed the super-surly cat that lives down by the riverside. One day, when going to the riverside as usual, he encounters the cat in the arms of a man. Hiromi, a 2nd-year at Sarutou High, starts up a conversation with Juri; his bright, smiling face never wavering while playing with the cat. At that moment, a warmth that Juri had never felt before took root in his chest! However, in reality, Inugashira and Sarutou are two rival schools filled with delinquents that have been fighting for years! Just like dogs and monkeys, the leaders of both sides constantly face-off and fuel them with the urge to fight. Juri spends his time with Hiromi without revealing his identity, but that tiny feeling in his chest is growing constantly to the point it's...uncontrollable?? How will this pure Yankee, Romeo and Juliet-style BL turn out?!

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