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Nareul Saranghaji Anado

Nareul Saranghaji Anado

drama ยท hentai ยท psychological ยท romance ยท slice of life

Min Ji Wook, a student trapped in poverty, manages to get accepted into Daehan High School which is the premier high school for children from rich and affluent families. His main goal? Escape poverty by graduating high school with the best rank and entering a top university. To achieve this, he decides to focus on his studies but it's not an easy path when he meets Joo Seung Eon, youngest son of Korea's largest conglomerate JS Group, who wounds Ji Wook's pride at any given chance. And Kwon Hyung Seo, eldest son of Ilkang Group, who treats Ji Wook with a kind facade but occasionally shows a vague mysteriousness. Ji Wook, who's thrown into chaos by when both show their interest in him... will he be able to live the life he wants?

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