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Seikatsu Koujou Keikaku

Seikatsu Koujou Keikaku


1-4. My Care Lady (My Care Lady); Comic Hotmilk 2015-05, 07, 09 The "Sex Care Service Institution". An institution set up as a trial by the government. It was established in order to cope with the millions of single men suffering from a lack of sex life. The government dispatches a "Care Lady" in order to help them address their needs. It allows men to regains some of their self-confidence and possibly obtain a partner of their own. The end goal is to somehow address the issue of declining birth rates across the country. 5-9. Angelus Beauty (をンジェラス・ビγƒ₯ーティー); 2014-02, 04, 06, 08 10. Hachi to Mitsu (θœ‚γ¨θœœ); 2013-03

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