Nekura Shoujo wa Kuro Mahou de Koi wo Suru

Nekura Shoujo wa Kuro Mahou de Koi wo Suru


Soraguchi Maho. Or Kuro Mahou as she is more commonly known. As the nickname suggests, her hobby is black magic. Though she is as sharp-tongued as could be in private, she has trouble communicating when she is with others. What you would call a lion at home, and a mouse abroad. However, one day, with the help of a grimoire, she is able to summon a demon. To get back at her classmates, Maho immediately tells the demon, "Please make me beautiful." The price of the contract, however, is her heart! "You are not allowed to fall in love with anyone." "That's easy!" Thinking the contract to be generous, she agrees. She should have achieved a happy life after gaining the appearance she wanted, however...?! A heartful love comedy set at school about a gloomy girl. Won the MF Bunko J newcomer award.

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