Gopge Kiwotdeoni, Jimseung

Gopge Kiwotdeoni, Jimseung


Dreaming of liberation from her harsh reality post her mother's demise, Blondina gambles her father's ring for a chance at freedom from a cruel fate. Unexpectedly, this gamble unravels her true lineage to the Emperor of Ates, marking her as royalty. Yet, her newfound status brings its own set of challenges, from concealing her modest beginnings to enduring the scorn of her half-siblings, leaving her feeling isolated once more. A ray of hope shines when she befriends a wounded talking feline, only to discover he is Amon Akin—the formidable leader of the Great Divine Leopard clan. As tensions escalate dangerously between humans and leopards, can their bond tip the scales towards peace or peril?

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