Akuyaku Reijou no Okaa-sama

Akuyaku Reijou no Okaa-sama


Her destination of reincarnation was not the villainess of an otome game, but her mother… “Violet has been in love with her childhood friend, and was half-forced by her parents to marry him. However, she was not loved by him. Ever since their daughter was born, he rarely came back home. One day, he brought back back home the daughter of his mistress. She was very lovely and her age only differed a year from their daughter’s. Violet hated her step-daughter who was loved by everyone. With her daughter’s help, Violet started to bully her, in the end, it resulted in her daughter’s engagement being broken and she divorced her husband. They were then exiled to the countryside as a result.” … Wait. Wasn’t I the one who raised her own daughter as a villainess?! Violet is now 10 years old and since I know everything, I shall try my best to avoid this ending!”

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