Pokgunui Aireul Gajyeotseumnida

Pokgunui Aireul Gajyeotseumnida


During the masquerade festival, Elan, a royal knight, indulges in a rare moment of freedom until a startling discovery awaits her the next day beside the formidable Emperor Kylart. Aware of his harsh treatment towards attached individuals, Elan flees, hoping her identity remains concealed. However, as she fulfills her tense duty of protecting the emperor, alarming health issues arise. A visit to the physician confirms her suspicion – she's pregnant! To compound her worries, rumors swirl about Kylart's search for the mysterious woman from the festival night. With uncontrollable cravings and morning sickness plaguing her, can Elan safeguard her secret amidst palace gossip and the watchful eyes of the emperor?

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