Geu Hwangjega Sigyetbaneureul Doedollin Sayeon

Geu Hwangjega Sigyetbaneureul Doedollin Sayeon


In an expansive empire, the poignant tale of Emperor Leonhardt and Empress Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium unfolds. After a tragic loss that leaves only one heart untouched, Leonhardt unearths a diary unveiling his late Empress's concealed battles and enduring affection for him. Consumed by guilt, he embarks on a quest to rewind time with the enigmatic Witch of the Clock Tower. Reverting to his youthful self, Leonhardt encounters his future spouse, Elizabeth, vowing to right his wrongs. Laden with memories of the past, he strives to nurture a relationship founded on true empathy and devotion. However, Elizabeth carries a burden of familial shadows and expectations that threaten her resolve. Amidst a backdrop of betrayal and the weight of previous missteps, the empire witnesses Leonhardt and Elizabeth's journey to navigate their love, facing daunting challenges together.

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