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drama · hentai · romance

Cheongwoo Jin has led a lonely existence of promiscuity, violence, and drugs. Dabbling in both legal and criminal activities, he has created a name for himself and an extravagant lifestyle he can enjoy. His newest venture is to buy the construction rights for an expensive plot of land, where his boss plans to build an art museum. By chance, this simple job leads him to encounter Matthew Raynor—a young sculpture student who is expressionless and mysterious yet completely enchanted by Jin. Desperate to keep Jin in his life and unintimidated by his threatening attitude, Matthew asks him to model for his sculpturing project. Despite it being an outrageous request, Jin accepts the offer in exchange for sex, agreeing to regularly meet in Matthew's studio. As enemy organizations compete for the same lot as Jin, his sketchy past begins to catch up to him, and he wonders if he is truly going insane by deciding to risk everything to protect one innocent student.

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