Kekkon ga Zentei no Love Come

Kekkon ga Zentei no Love Come

comedydramaromanceslice of life

Yui Mizunazuki (26♀), is looking for a husband. Shiraki Kentaro, a "matchmaker who helps people who can't get married get married," is busy every day trying to make women's dream of marriage come true. Botan, an erotic cartoonist whose can't take things seriously. (26♀) Karen is a former heiress who is determined to marry rich. (Age undisclosed) Mahiru, a nursery school teacher who has terrible taste in men. (30♀) And then there's Yui, an eccentric nerdy girl...... (26♀) For these women who are too difficult to marry, it's a second chance at love. This is a romantic comedy about the type of people who are desperate to get married!

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