Princess Heart Link: Kenki-tachi no Enbu - Side Aoi Nagisa

Princess Heart Link: Kenki-tachi no Enbu - Side Aoi Nagisa


At St. Trea High School, Tsukasa, a shy boy, enters a world where he stands out as one of the few male students among a sea of girls. Struggling to connect with others, he finds solace in his stepsister's lunches until a chance encounter with a mysterious foreign princess named Siris changes everything. Encouraged by his cousin and stepsister, Tsukasa delves into the virtual realm of Princess Heart Link to confront his inner fears. As he comes to Siris's aid in a virtual battle, their fates intertwine, leading to an unexpected in-game marriage. However, their virtual bond takes an unforeseen turn when a glitch blurs the lines between the game and reality, setting the stage for a unique and thrilling adventure.

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