Tonari no Kimi de Atama ga Ippai

Tonari no Kimi de Atama ga Ippai


"I'm going to be sitting next to you! I hope we get along well, okay?" Kisaragi, who is now in the same class as me, seems to be able to "hear the thoughts of others." There was a huge difference between "hearing" and "reading" the thoughts of others, and she was tired of being able to hear everyone's thoughts, regardless of whether she wanted to or not. Well, of course I felt pity for her, but there wasn't anything I could do about it. That was what I thought, but... Somehow, it looks like when she's beside me, her power is only limited to my thoughts, and she can get some peace and quiet. But even so, aren't you a little too close to me?! No, it's not like I'm getting nervous just because there's a beautiful girl right beside me or anything like that! That's right. Today, my thoughts are once again being read by her.

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