Elf no Kuni no Kyuutei Madoushi ni Nareta node Hime-sama ni Seiteki na Itazura wo Shitemita

Elf no Kuni no Kyuutei Madoushi ni Nareta node Hime-sama ni Seiteki na Itazura wo Shitemita


After a scandalous expulsion from his Order for an unsavory trade, Keith Blackhound meanders through various odd jobs crafting peculiar magical contraptions and occasionally duping unsuspecting customers with his failed creations. His misadventures take a twist when he finds himself fleeing Temple Knights for peddling counterfeit love charms, leading him astray into the mysterious Elven Forest. Amidst the lush greenery, he stumbles upon a group of elves under siege by a menacing basilisk. Coming to their aid with yet another eccentric invention, he anticipates a simple reward of food. To his surprise, the father of an elven maiden offers him a bounty, unknowingly setting in motion a chain of events that elevate Keith's status. This esteemed individual, holding sway in the kingdom, takes a shine to him and propels Keith into a new role as the Court Magician. Tasked with an unusual challenge, he must mentor the Elven Princess Naia, a peculiar elf who lacks the innate ability to wield magic despite her heritage.

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