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Boku no Tsugai wa Thoroughbred Ω

Boku no Tsugai wa Thoroughbred Ω

drama · romance

Second-generation actor and alpha Leo Asaka is accustomed to his achievements being attributed to his father. It was not as if he chose to be his father's son. Even so, when a big-name director offers a film role to Leo—co-starring with Eito Yanagi, another second-generation actor—he can hardly refuse. Leo is anything but excited to be working alongside the notably promiscuous alpha Eito, and the two clash in their very first meeting. However, after they are locked in a hotel room to forcibly get to know each other better, Leo learns Eito's shocking secret: he is an omega, a secondary gender looked down upon in the acting community. Not a moment later, their lips entwine, but can they make it in a society that would disapprove of their pair?

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