Yongsa-ga Dorawatda

Yongsa-ga Dorawatda


After a fierce warrior, Min-Su Kim, suffers a devastating loss upon his return to Earth, he resolves to annihilate his former world. Amidst his destructive path, he inadvertently ends the life of teenager Jeong-Su Park and his family. However, instead of meeting a final demise, Jeong-Su is whisked away to a new realm where he discovers his newfound identity as a warrior. By vanquishing the demon king in this unfamiliar land and refining his combat prowess, Jeong-Su eventually journeys back to Earth consumed by a thirst for vengeance against Min-Su. The clash between these two formidable warriors unfolds with the very fate of their nation hanging in the balance, leaving the ultimate question lingering – who will emerge triumphant in this high-stakes battle?

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