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Terano-kun to Kumazaki-kun

Terano-kun to Kumazaki-kun


Student council president Takumi Terano is a role model, popular and admired by all. But beneath his kind smile lies a mischievous and daring side known only by his boyfriend, Hiiragi Kumazaki. While he appears tough, skips class, and is considered a delinquent, Kumazaki sheds his exterior for a reserved and bashful personality—but only in front of Terano. The two boys fell in love and started dating secretly when Terano was assigned to keep an eye on Kumazaki. From discreet meetings in empty classrooms to private dates, every encounter is an opportunity for Terano and Kumazaki to get their hands on each other. As their relationship deepens with each passing day, the young couple encounters the foreign challenges of first love and learns to work through the complex feelings of jealousy and longing.

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