Wangnyeoneun Michin Cheogeul Handa

Wangnyeoneun Michin Cheogeul Handa


In the land of Valdimar, where the goddess Hellare is revered, a king shocks his ten children by declaring that only the strongest survivor among them will claim the throne. Thus initiates a decade of silent and deadly competition within the royal family. Lisbelle, the fifth princess, manages to evade the pitfalls of violence, relying on her cunning rather than brute force. When a twist of fate thrusts her back in time to a point before tragedy strikes, Lisbelle seizes the opportunity to outwit her siblings by feigning madness. Her act earns her the liberty to outlast all but two of her kin, until her eldest half-brother threatens her escape. In a moment of peril, Lisbelle's latent divine power surges forth, catching the attention of the magician Asius, who sees in her a chance to fulfill his vengeful desires.

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