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Torokeru Kuchibiru

Torokeru Kuchibiru

romance ยท slice of life

Acting like he's a man of the people, Ryo Aihara's a CEO of his own successful production company. He hasn't been seriously involved with anyone in quite some time, though, and is feeling lonely as a result. One night after dinner with a client, he's drunk and crouched down in an alley when a man in sunglasses approaches him. Behaving as if he were trying to pick up a woman, the man talks to Ryo as if he knows him. A pissed off Ryo decides to mess around with the man a little and kisses him to shut him up. Ryo calls him out for not only having his hair cut to look like a certain actor, but for looking bad in it. The next morning, he wakes up at home and turns on the TV to see the actor Riku Amamiya, the man with the sunglasses from last night...! Secret love in the entertainment industry between a young, attractive, hot-shot actor and a career-oriented CEO who knows how to have a good time.

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