Kimi no Sei de Kyou Mo Shinenai.

Kimi no Sei de Kyou Mo Shinenai.

comedydramaromanceslice of life

A youth tale about leading a beautiful girl, who was about to jump, to a happy life. I’m neither antisocial or cheery, and I’m in the middle of the school caste. But one day, on the rooftop, I encountered the famous ‘The Perfect and Beautiful Girl Loved by God’, Mitsumine Iroha, who was about to jump off. “Leave me alone. I want to die already.” Ever since I stopped her, we started spending our days together. We ate pizza in an empty classroom, and played with fireworks by the pool at night. “It’s fun being with you.” “I can’t die because of you, right?” Despite being scared of the gazes of others, Mitsumine begins to slowly open her heart. The girl who wears the mask of ‘A Perfect Me’, is actually childish and adorable. This is a story about leading a troubled beautiful girl to an ordinary and happy youth.

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