Tada Seifuku wo Kiteru Dake

Tada Seifuku wo Kiteru Dake


His roommate is 19 years old. That uniform she wears is a fake. Hiromi Doumoto is the hard-working manager of a convenience store, a corporate slave. Tired of his daily grind, Hiromi becomes a regular at a hostess bar where his favorite girl, Akari, works. "Today... I'll just drop by..." On his day off, there was trouble at the store, and Hiromi was called in. And Akari was there in the middle of it!? "I don't have anywhere else to go. Please let me stay with you!!" Suddenly living together, Hiromi and Akari will overcome their problems and begin a new path forward. Corporate drone x 19-year-old legal JK!? The heartwarming love story of two unusual cohabitants opens.

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