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Double Face ni wa Kanawanai

Double Face ni wa Kanawanai


Could the ideal guy be his arch-enemy? Kaname Ando is a high school student who's always dreamed about being a tough guy, though it's about all he can do to snipe at his goody-two-shoes classmate, Katagiri. One day, He is sulking on his way home from school when students from another school pick a fight with him. To his delight, a tough guy named Soma suddenly appears on the scene and saves the day. He's overjoyed, telling Soma he'd been looking for a friend like him, when Soma suddenly kisses him...!! Ando is already feeling dizzy when he discovers that Soma and his boring classmate Katagiri are one and the same. A story about a weakling badass and a "straight A" student who turns bad after school.

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