Tensei Daiseijo no Isekai Nonbiri Kikou

Tensei Daiseijo no Isekai Nonbiri Kikou

comedyfantasyslice of life

Hirune Hanamaki worked at an exploitative black company that left her almost no time to sleep, until she was summoned by a goddess and reborn in another world because of the purity of her heart. With the blessing of the goddess, Hirune had an extraordinary amount of magical power, and her holy magic was incredibly versatile. But all Hirune really wanted was to stay in bed as much as she could, so she tried to minimize work by making full use of her holy magic, which only made her reputation rise even further. She was afraid that she would have to work just as hard as before, until she heard that the "Great Saint" can have her own church and live life without interference. So she thought to herself, "I'll become a Great Saint and then I can spend all day in bed." She tried her best to become a Great Saint and live a carefree life, but...... it's turning out to be a lot of work! She also felt like she was being worshipped a lot....... It wasn't supposed to be like this....... This story is about a Great Saint who became a legend even as she was enjoying the slow life at her own pace.

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