Level 99 Boukensha ni Yoru Hajimete no Ryouchi Keiei

Level 99 Boukensha ni Yoru Hajimete no Ryouchi Keiei


This is the story after the happy ending. A high school student was teleported to a Fantasy World, Brewers, Heavenly Grass Brave became a great magician and saved the world with his people. Because of Valtrude, the holy knight woman, who was recited for her achievements, he will now be involved in land management. But there were lots of problems with rebuilding an abandoned city, a dwarf that no longer produced iron, a shipping town that didn't pay taxes and towns plagued by monsters. The brave man who became one of Brewers' most powerful adventurers joined forces with his companions, challenging problems with sometimes magical, sometimes contemporary knowledge and more or less deceptive financial power! He returns to Earth, until that day one year later.

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