Nekosogi Radical

Nekosogi Radical


It may be true that where there is a beginning, there is an end, but it is too shortsighted to think that because there is an end, there must have been a beginning. In fact, the opposite is true. Most events have already ended even before they began, and they are closed even if they are not opened. I, a sincere and honest person who dares not speak truth as truth, dares not speak fact as fact, and knows the virtue of silence better than anyone else, will ascend a certain staircase in September. The Thirteenth Staircase. It was Kino-Raichi, Noise, Emoto Sonoki, Mio-tsukushi Takami, and Mio-tsukushi Misora. However, what awaits me at the top of the stairs is so ridiculous and so nostalgic… in this sixth installment of the "Zaregoto" series!

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