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Horeta Otoko wa Shinyuu de

Horeta Otoko wa Shinyuu de

romanceslice of life

"Is this how you always get? I had no idea." Yoichi and Shige have been best friends since elementary school. Yoichi used to be in love with Shige, but in order to stay friends, he was supposed to have thrown those feelings away... However, Shige suddenly flips their relationship on its head when he suddenly asks, "Hey, Yoichi. Let me eat your dick." In just an instant, Yoichi suddenly has his dick in Shige's mouth...!! Yoichi was supposed to have given up on Shige, but Shige's passionate blowjob backs Yoichi's heart and body into a corner... And the moan he accidently lets slip from his mouth only eggs Shige on, leading the situation to escalate! A forgotten love is rekindled in this possessively passionate love-story between two friends!

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