Kanpeki na Sako-san wa Boku Mitai ni Naritai

Kanpeki na Sako-san wa Boku Mitai ni Naritai

comedyromanceslice of life

Sako Machika is perfect and without flaws. She’s at the top of the student year with her excellent grades and has a cute face that makes everybody look twice. Excelling at her club, skilled at housework and chores, she’s the target of every boy’s admiration. “I…like you.” Wait, Sako-san confessed to me?! But…I’m just a nobody, we’re not a good match for each other! Yet out of nowhere— “It’s such a botched haircut, right?” “You were looking at my thighs the entire time.” She would suddenly cut her long and beautiful hair, shortening her skirt, showing an imperfect appearance while relentlessly approaching me… “As long as I’m not perfect—I have a chance, right?” It’s all an attempt to make us seem like a better match?!

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