Yeongwonhan Gyeyak

Yeongwonhan Gyeyak


Ian Gloucester, a knight from the devout nation of 'Derwin', is tasked with investigating rumors of war preparations in the neighboring peaceful realm of 'Arcaia' by Cardinal Heron, the enigmatic figure who plucked him from obscurity in his youth. Amidst his inquiries, Ian stumbles upon a dark underbelly of human trafficking within his homeland, a revelation that comes to light through an encounter with 'Sol', an individual harboring powers akin to his own. Despite his initial wariness of Sol's presence, Ian finds himself increasingly entangled with this mysterious figure. As events unfold, Ian uncovers that the King of Arcaia's recruitment of specialized knights serves a hidden agenda beyond the facade of military readiness, leading him down a path rife with intrigue and unforeseen revelations.

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