Shokyuu Majutsu Magic Arrow wo Kyokugen made Kitaetara

Shokyuu Majutsu Magic Arrow wo Kyokugen made Kitaetara


"Elementary sorcery: Magic Arrows." This is the first spell that most mages learn. Born as the eldest son of a noble family, Albert Luminus had a hard time with magic, compared to his brilliant younger brother. But even at a young age, Albert was able to cast Magic Arrow. Believing in his own talent, he enrolled at the Academy of Magic, but was unable to master any other magic. His disappointed parents gave up on him, but he persevered and continued to refine his magic arrows. Ten years passed until he met Laura, a white-haired girl who was about to take the entrance exam for the Academy. Albert's fortunes finally began to change! In a world where the number of magic arrows you could fire is equal to your strength, this is the story of a hero who rose to prominence using only the humble magic arrow!

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