Susumamire no Kishi

Susumamire no Kishi


A heroic tale of an ordinary man without magical powers who defied the world! Rolf, a child prodigy filled with both intelligence and courage, was denied the magical powers that God typically bestowed on everyone at the age of fifteen. His happy life was suddenly turned upside down, as his baronetcy was annulled, his engagement to his childhood sweetheart Emily was broken, and he was relegated to becoming a "soot-covered" knight in hellish conditions. Rolf didn't give up, however, and continued to wield his sword with all his might. With his finely honed swordsmanship, his vast knowledge, and his indomitable spirit, he will overcome the various hardships that befell him...! What is a knight? What is righteousness? What does it mean to protect something? And what does his future hold? The epic story of a man abandoned by God, and the challenges he will face, begins now.

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