In the opulent town's slums, Rudo and his guardian Legto navigate life among the affluent, yet Rudo harbors disdain for their extravagance. Defying caution, he scours the town's refuse for treasures, salvaging items from the massive Abyss—a pit where society discards its unwanted, even people like his father, accused and cast into its depths for a crime he didn't commit. A chance encounter leads to a tragic discovery: Legto lies dying, and Rudo, framed for the crime, is cast into the Abyss. Instead of meeting his end, he emerges in a putrid realm teeming with monstrous beings crafted from discarded debris. Faced with peril, he encounters Engine, a janitor armed with specialized weaponry called 'jinkis' to battle these abominations. To avenge Legto's death and ascend from this grim underworld, Rudo reluctantly embraces the role of a janitor, waging a gritty battle for justice and redemption.

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