Eiyuu to Majo no Tensei Love Come

Eiyuu to Majo no Tensei Love Come


Shiraishi Gomichi, an ordinary high school student, has a secret. He has a memory of his previous life. In another world, different from this one, Morimichi was a ‘hero” who saved humanity. However, this is only the story of his previous life. In this life, it was supposed to be a normal student life, but the appearance of Mai Shiina, a girl who transfers into his class, changes his ordinary life. She is also reincarnated like Gomichi, who once was a witch who once plunged the other world into disaster. They had battled each other many times in their previous lives, but when Gomichi asks her what she wants now, Mai tells him. “I can’t live without you!” “What… ?”

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