Mallep Gongnyeoneun Oneuldo Muryohada

Mallep Gongnyeoneun Oneuldo Muryohada


After reigning as Emperor due to her extraordinary sword skills, Dante Renatus is reborn as Helena, the Duke of Peresca's daughter, half a millennium later. Resenting this unwanted second chance at life, Helena, having exhausted all joys and pursuits in her previous existence, finds the prospect of reincarnation tedious. When Prince Caesar seeks refuge with the duke to avert a power struggle, Helena, recognizing Caesar's potential, takes on the role of his swordsmanship mentor. With a promise to groom him into an Emperor, Helena embarks on this new journey, leveraging her past expertise to invigorate her monotonous days. However, as their bond deepens, she questions the intensity of Caesar's affections towards her.

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