Imouto wa Kanojo ni Dekinai no ni

Imouto wa Kanojo ni Dekinai no ni


Yuki Sakuraba is the cutest little sister in the world. Although she is only in junior high, she is already as pretty as a model, has well-developed breasts, and has a great personality, too. "Let's play a game! I'm going to beat up my brother today!" "I picked out some clothes that I think you might like? "Big brother, let's take a bath together. It's been a while." But at home, she still acts like a child. I'm just enjoying the friendly sibling relationship with my cute little sister. That's what I thought....... until one day, when it was revealed that we're not actually blood-related siblings! It shouldn't be possible for my sister to be my girlfriend,...... but now things are different!

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