Elf Dorei to Kizuku Dungeon Harem: Isekai de Netotte Nakama wo Fuyashimasu

Elf Dorei to Kizuku Dungeon Harem: Isekai de Netotte Nakama wo Fuyashimasu


Mars, a young man reincarnated into a mystical realm, embarks on a daring mission alongside his elven companion, Lilia. Their objective: conquer the world's legendary dungeons and secure the coveted tome of magic brimming with unparalleled abilities. Yet, Mars faces setbacks in his journey as he indulges in amorous pursuits with Lilia day after day, slowing his progress. Inside a dungeon, he encounters Hazuki, a sophisticated wizardess from another group. Initially composed and enigmatic, Hazuki shocks Mars by expressing a desire to become his servant. Unveiling Mars' hidden strengths, affluence, and charisma, she too falls under his captivating spell. Thus ignites a fierce rivalry between Lilia and Hazuki for their master's favor, sparking a fiery clash of wills.

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