Binguijareul Wihan Teukye

Binguijareul Wihan Teukye


In a world plagued by the mysterious 'Age of Transmigration,' individuals receive eerie spam messages offering life insurance just before their demise. One such woman, cut down in her prime, awakens in the afterlife to a peculiar choice: selecting a fictional realm for her reincarnation. Yearning for a tranquil existence after a turbulent past, she opts for a light-hearted fantasy romance novel setting, only to find herself thrust into the perilous world of Infinite Returns to Save the World. Reborn as Ailette Rodeline, a servant's daughter in a noble household, she faces a grim fate of abuse and tragedy as per the original narrative. However, a twist of fate grants her unexpected fortune—her insurance package comes with a windfall of resources, enabling her to acquire skills and tools beyond imagination. Determined to rewrite Ailette's grim tale, the woman harnesses her newfound strength to forge a different path and safeguard her future.

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