Gyeolhon Jangsa

Gyeolhon Jangsa


Bianca de Blanchefort, thrust into marriage with Count Zachary de Arno before understanding its implications, left her opulent lifestyle behind. Despite a lingering affection for her luxurious past, she earned a reputation as a grasping and malevolent spouse due to her husband's neglect. Following Zachary's tragic demise in battle and lacking an heir to secure her status, Bianca plummeted from grace to destitution, resorting to begging for survival. Miraculously, she is granted a second chance at life, awakening as her 18-year-old self with a resolve to shed her former haughtiness and immaturity. Plagued by the fear of repeating her prior missteps, Bianca bravely approaches Zachary, seeking an heir despite his aversion to her touch. Feeling despondent in her marital isolation, Bianca contemplates unconventional methods for self-preservation, gradually perceiving Zachary in a new, enigmatic light, pondering if his aloofness masked deeper sentiments.

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