Bukbu Daegongui Jeongchega Heungmak Angnyeora Gollanhada

Bukbu Daegongui Jeongchega Heungmak Angnyeora Gollanhada


In the aftermath of Grand Duchess Eloise Wayana's shocking demise at the hands of Emperor Caien Helisis, the second season of the popular web novel 'The Crown of Blood' concludes. Amidst this narrative upheaval, Kim Dakyung, an ardent reader, eagerly anticipates the next chapter only to find herself unexpectedly reincarnated as the very villainess she once despised. Transported back to the story's genesis, Dakyung is determined to alter Eloise's tragic trajectory and steer clear of impending doom, striving to survive the trials ahead and reach the anticipated season three. Serendipitously, a young Caien crosses her path, presenting an opportunity for Dakyung to secure his allegiance by any means necessary.

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