Kkotgilman Geotgo Sipeo

Kkotgilman Geotgo Sipeo


Within the prestigious Magic Department of Hercion Academy, renowned for honing the finest sorcerers across the land, resides Luciel, known as the 'iron-blooded assistant' for her remarkable skills. Her aspiration? To secure a professorship and embrace a tranquil, idyllic existence. However, her ambitions face a tumultuous twist when three formidable men cross her path. Prince Lassen, a conniving royal of icy demeanor. Ethan, the honorable swordmaster exuding a radiant chivalry akin to sunlight. And Taylor, a charming and gifted magic prodigy adored by all. Amidst this trio, Luciel's pursuit of a simple life grows increasingly complicated. Will she unearth the capacity to love amidst these intricate dynamics?

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