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Love Gauge 100%

Love Gauge 100%


Yihan is obsessed with one thing and one thing only: Mikaros, the really hot mint-haired hunk who exists only in the world of Yihan’s favorite BL game, Love Meter 100%. Wherever Yihan goes, his hefty stash of Mikaros merch goes—the limited edition tote bag, the special key ring, and the myriad of adorable plushies that he somehow manages to keep on his person. Being the ultimate stan isn’t something Yihan is ashamed of, that is, until he runs into Mikaros in real life. Mikaros-in-the-flesh is called Park Há, and he is everything that Yihan didn’t know he needed. There’s only one catch. Park Há hates otakus…but Yihan is literally the biggest otaku ever.

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