Lycoris Recoil: Ordinary days

Lycoris Recoil: Ordinary days

comedyslice of life

This is the modest tale of the everyday life at Café LycoReco! Welcome to Cafe LycoReco! A fashionable and delicious cafe on the east side of Tokyo overlooking the destroyed old radio tower - there you'll find Cafe LycoReco. This is a little story of the ordinary and extraordinary, woven by the cafe's signboard girls, Chisato Nishiki and Takina Inoue, who were not depicted in the original TV animation "Lycoris Recoil". Delicious sweets, gun action, games, human drama, zombies and monsters, road movies ...... and a hint of love! And of course, coffee and helping people! Whatever your order...... we can handle it! The original author himself created this spin-off novel with an assortment of anything and everything, like a variety pack of candy omake!

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