Oshikake Onzoushi no Niizuma ni Saresou desu!

Oshikake Onzoushi no Niizuma ni Saresou desu!


Ryui, 25 years old, pretended to be a glamorous gal online, but in reality she is an ordinary girl. One morning, she woke up with a handsome, and naked, young man next to her! That alone was a big deal, but then Kenichiro declared, "I've taken your virginity," and "We're now engaged!" What? Furthermore, this beautiful young man seems to be the new president of the major holiday-resort company where Ryui works....... He seemed like the perfect guy, but for some reason he came to Rui's house to live with her as if he were a lost puppy being taken in. They promised not to have sex to draw a line between boss and subordinate, but they are living like a newlywed couple and her heart just can't take it!?

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