Hentai Koushaku no Risou no Okusama

Hentai Koushaku no Risou no Okusama


"I can't wait... I can't wait to have a baby!" Angelina, a daughter of the Viscount, was chosen to be the wife for Damien, a well-liked marquis with a handsome face and imposing figure. Why did he choose me, a minor aristocrat from the countryside, who's not even young, she wondered? She was still feeling skeptical on their wedding night, but when he ravished her so insistently that her voice became hoarse, she fell in love with his passion. The next day, however, she found the marquis gazing longingly at the children playing on his estate... Finally, the surprising secret is revealed. The reason why the Marquis had been single all this time is because of his eccentric fetishes!

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