Hataraku Watashi to Kanojo no Dousei

Hataraku Watashi to Kanojo no Dousei


Mari is known as a "cold woman" who doesn't like to get involved with otherpeople. One day, Mari, who worked at a flower shop, was asked to take care of Sumirei, a high school girl who has lost her mother and has nowhere else to go due to her circumstances. Mari felt compelled to take her in. But Sumirei, who was still depressed with a broken heart, wasn't ready to talk, and they began to live together awkwardly. But over time, Mari got glimpses of Sumirei's family environment and school life. And as they spent time together, Sumirei gradually opened up to her. The more she learned about Sumirei's innocent lifestyle, the more Mari realized the weaknesses of her own emotional state.

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