Eiyuu Shikkakusha no Majuu Gurume

Eiyuu Shikkakusha no Majuu Gurume


Hunting, cooking, and eating all kinds of magical beasts, the world is truly in a great age of cooking! It has been more than three hundred years since the birth of the "hunter-ruler," a fusion of the concepts of hunting and cooking. Ren, once a promising young man from a family of heroes, is now branded as a useless person for one reason or another, and by chance he befriended Lucy, a girl who aspired to become the world's best hunter and chef. She was a student at the prestigious Kruel Academy of Monster and Beast Science, and despite her earnest nature, she was ridiculed as a failure because of the enormous amount of magical power that she couldn't control. One day, Lucy learned of her partner's tragic past, and she began to develop her talents under Len's guidance. This is the world's most delicious tale of a hero spun between a boy and a girl.

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