BASTARD!! Mouryoutachi no Chinkonka

BASTARD!! Mouryoutachi no Chinkonka


Before the last Great War the world was divided into five parts: four kingdoms and twenty-five districts, ruled by Dark Schneider. In that dark and disordered time, destruction and chaos reigned supreme, men and human beings fought, blood flowed and human lives fell. This unpublished saga will take us to those days for the first time, and will tell us the story of Dark Schneider and his four warriors before they fell into conflict! In fact, alongside the protagonist we find the High King of the Ice Kall-Su, the Queen of Lightning Arshes Nai, the expert Gara and Abigail, whose strength comes from her wisdom and lucid intelligence. To accompany Dark Schneider in the Labyrinth of Hell she appears Kala, and we will also come across the dancer Ruby, the hostile ruler Ludvig and the young Asuka.

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